Now Take Your Lighting on the Go with This Mini Boom Rolling Kit

While we all love to talk about how much of a game-changer AI is going to be in film and video, there’s one tiny innovation from a long time ago that we don’t talk about enough. That’s right—the wheel. Oh man, talk about disruptive innovation! There’s nothing more groundbreaking than the wheel.

All joking aside, for filmmakers and video pros looking to speed up their workflows (and save their backs from extra heavy lifting) adding wheels to pieces of your gear can be a great way to save time and smooth out your production setups.

One of the recent pieces of production gear to get this wheel addition is this new Mini Boom Rolling Kit from Matthews which, when combined with its lockable wheels, an extending C-stand riser, and a position able boom arm, can be the perfect tool for taking your lighting setup on the go.

Let’s take a look at this new tech innovation and explore if it might be right for you and your production needs.

Matthews Mini Boom Rolling Kit

Sold as a kit that includes plenty of parts, bells, and whistles, this Mini Boom Rolling Kit from Matthews should really be as versatile and easy to use as any C-stand-based lighting setup you might find on the market. But, of course, the key addition is the lockable wheels.

The Mini Boom Rolling Kit comes with the following pieces for your different setups:

  • Matthews Runway base with 3 lockable smooth-rolling casters
  • Matthews 40” C+ Riser with 3 sections that can extend from 45.5” to 110.5”
  • Matthews Mini MatthBoom Arm with 3 telescoping sections with a range from 45” to over 80”
  • Matthews 10 pound (4.5kg) Boa Bag for stabilization
  • As anyone who’s set up a C-stand light for a shot and then had to immediately move it because it was too much in frame can tell you, there are certainly times when you’ll wish for easy movement. With this Mini Boom Rolling kit, you should be able to find comfort in the fact that you’re not alone in this desire.

The Pros and Cons of Wheeled Equipment

Now, let’s address some of the obvious (and not so-obvious) pros and cons of a wheeled boom lighting setup.

The pros are all about ease of use and movability. If your light needs to be adjusted a few inches or feet, it can be as easy as unlocking the wheels, moving it over, and locking it back in place.

This Mini Boom Rolling Kit could also be a great addition to any set studio setup where you can set it up once, leave it up, and simply grab it and roll it to wherever you might need it the next time you’re strikeing.

However, to work best, a rolling setup like this is going to need smooth and leveling flooring. Something you’ll find on most indoor corporate strikes perhaps, but obviously not what you’re going to get out in the field. And if you’re a true run-and-gun videographer with a completely mobile setup, this might actually end up slowing you down.

Price and Availability

Still, Matthews is a solid brand and this Mini Boom Rolling Kit is made from good materials that should hold up for most small to medium-sized strikes. As long as you’re not dropping thousands of pounds onto the setup you should be able to rest assured that with its steel components and top-grade materials it should do the trick with ease and reliability.

The Matthews Mini Boom Rolling Kit is currently available for pre-order and should be shipping soon.

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