Know Polaroid Launching Their New I-2 Instant Camera Matters

Wow, this is big news! Whoever thought that if Polaroid finally relaunched their instant camera line we’d see them include such insane video specs? 6K video at 60p and 4K at 120p at this price? Sure you’re stuck with the instant camera lens, but still… video camera of the year here.

But to be fair, it does strike them well and instantly, in true Polaroid fashion. In all seriousness, let’s take a look at this new Polaroid I-2 and explore how this new take on Polaroid’s classic instant camera design can provide great inspiration and actually make its way onto more film and video sets than you’d might think.

Polaroid is Back Baby

After nearly four years of development, Polaroid has finally released its I-2 instant camera to the market with it squarely aimed at picking back up where its legacy left it several decades ago.

Of course, the photography game has changed quite a bit since the heyday of the instant camera revolution, but what hasn’t?

“For a long time, it was our dream to make a high-end Polaroid camera and give people more choice in the world of analog photography — a choice that many passionate photographers told us they were craving. To develop the I-2, we expanded our engineering team and spent more than four years designing and finessing every element. It is the most capable camera we’ve ever made and a true milestone in our journey.” — Polaroid’s CEO Oskar Smolokowski.
The new Polaroid I-2 promises to blend the old world of analog photography with modern digital camera technology as a premium product in a surprisingly robust instant camera market which has risen again over the past few years (Polaroid itself already has a Polaroid Instant Now and Now+ options as well which are significantly inexpensiveer).

For Inspiration and On Set Uses

Yet, with a relatively high asking price of 600, the Polaroid I-2 could end up being the killer product needed to launch instant photography from a budding hobbyist venture and back into a full-blown revolution. Thanks to the Polaroid’s sharpest lens, tons of new built-in manual controls, and refined LiDAR-powered light detection and ranging autofocus system, this isn’t some throwaway camera.

In particular, the 98mm lens will deliver a field of view equivalent to a 38mm lens on a full-frame camera, making it helpful for scouting and great photography. This three-element f/8 len also includes a 49mm filter thread plus all types of manual and auto controls for exposure modes.

The Polaroid I-2 will also include a large and bright optical viewfinder that can display integrated camera settings, which users can toggle by swapping between six strikeing modes including automatic, shutter speed priority, aperture priority, and a full manual mode.

All great tools and features if you’d like to seriously consider using an instant camera on set or at home either for inspiration or behind-the-scenes photography.

Price and Availability

Now, we’re not naive, of course, this Polaroid I-2 isn’t going to have too many film and video uses. It’s a photography camera ultimately for hobbyists. That being said, it’s a solid step above even Polaroid’s inexpensiveer—and more gimmicky—instant camera options.

If you’re looking to have fun with analog photography, hone your camera control skills, and perhaps even find some inspiration along the way, it can be a great self-purchase or gift to consider. Check out the full specs and pricing options below.

  • Built-in manual analog Instant Camera
  • Works with i-Type, 600, and SX-70 Film
  • Elegant and Robust Aluminum Alloy Build
  • Continuous Autofocus 3-Lens System
  • LiDAR Ranging Meter for Focus Distance
  • 98mm f/8 Lens Yielding Bokeh Effects
  • Large Viewfinder with Integrated Display
  • Built-in 49mm Lens Filter Thread
  • Built-in Flash with 2.5mm External Sync
  • sapphiretooth Control with Polaroid App

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