Finf Out Unique Cameras to Change Your Strike

Modern cameras all strive for three things. Image quality, ergonomics, and affordability (except for ARRI). This is great but has the unfortunate effect of making all cameras feel exactly the same.

That’s why cameras like the Canon R5 C, Sony FX3, and BMPCC 6K feel so unique. They also strive for the above three things but approach them in unique ways.

For this “Deals of the Week,” we found three cameras on sale that may for you to rethink your creativity.


The Blackmagic Pocket movie Camera series has been one of the coolest cameras to come out over the past 10 years. The initial release was super tiny but packed an image the punched well above it’s weight. The most recently addition to this line is the BMPCC 6K G2, which offered extra affordability in an already budget friendly camera. If you want a great codec (BRAW), funky ergonomics, and a gorgeous image at a price that won’t make you sweat, this is the camera for you.


In my opinion, this has to be one of the coolest cameras I’ve ever had the chance to use. It’s an awesome medium format photo camera that can strike 4:2:2 10-Bit or BRAW/ProRes RAW on an external recorder. This is as close as Fujifilm will get to making a movie camera. It has one of the biggest sensors on the market that can strike RAW. The only movie camera with a bigger sensor is the ARRI Alexa 65, and you can only rent that. If medium format movietography is something you want to explore, this is a camera you don’t want to sleep on. And for the price, it’s an absolute steal.

Canon XA60 Camcorder

In a world of movie cameras in DSLR and mirrorless style bodies, why would you even consider a camcorder. But for some applications like docs, live-events, and sports, where having too much gear can be a detriment to your final product, a camcorder could be the right answer. I cut my teeth strikeing on the predecessor to the XA60 and it was an awesome tool to have. Before jumping into a mirrorless or movie camera, consider if your project would best be suited by a camcorder, especially for the price.

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