Discover New Free Premiere Pro Transitions with Shutterstock

Movement is what makes films and videos stand out as a unique art form. That’s why transitions like fast-paced action wipes, zooms, and glitches are key components for video editors to use when stitching together shots or scenes.

There is no one transition that fits all projects. This is why Shutterstock is offering editors like you free Premier Pro templates for transition. With these free transition packs, you can choose from over 80 transitions to achieve a movietic look for your next project.

Let’s break down what these transitions from Shutterstock are, and how you can use them to make your next video stand out.

What Is In These Free Transitions Packs?

Rather than having a hard cut to the next shot, Shutterstock’s transition packs offer creators of live-action and animated projects to bridge two clips on their timeline together seamlessly. To use these assets, creators simply drag and drop their preferred transition over the two clips on the timeline.

The transitions offered by Shutterstock are a great tool when editing corporate videos, YouTube videos, event recaps, short films, and documentaries. However, creators are only limited by their creativity, which means you can use these transitions for anything that fits within your vision.

Explore Some of the Free Premiere Pro Transition Templates

Let’s get into what Shutterstock is offering creators in their free template download, so you can discover which transition you will want to use on your next video or animation project.

13 Customizable Premier Pro

Premium Beat brings creators an easy series of transitions that delivers bold, colorful transitions that offer a variety of looks and textures for your project. This free version of Easy Transitions Lite shows how powerful these templates are, and the effect they can have on any mundane project.

Hand-Drawn Backgrounds

While this isn’t necessarily a traditional transition, the free hand-drawn animated backgrounds allow you to get creative as you move from one shot to the next. Looking at these packs, you can see that there is a lot of fun and freedom within these transitions.

If you’re looking for inspiration when playing with these hand-drawn animated backgrounds, I would recommend seeing how the background is used to transition from scene to scene in Into the Spider-Verse. You can also check out this tutorial for the pack to see what is possible with these transitions. If you’re looking for more animated backgrounds, Shutterstock has some great options.

18 Animated Gritty Textures

Unlike the hand-drawn animated backgrounds, the 18 animated gritty textures from Premium Beat provide a grungy look to your edit.

Ink Splash Transitions

Within this pack are more than 50 ink splatter transitions that feel reminiscent of iconic crime films and cool commercials that scratch a particular itch you didn’t know you had. The ink splats look like they are bleeding onto the screen, taking up however much space you need them to.

This is a fun, colorful, and cool way to move on to the next shot or hyper stylize a particular moment.

20 Glitch Transitions

These two glitch packs from Cinco will blow you away. In this pack, you’ll find three distinct looks (analog, digital, sci-fi) for the glitch effect. The five glitch and distortion transitions are easy to use on Premiere Pro.

13 Light spilled Transitions

I’m a sucker for a lens flare or spilleding light, and I know I’m not alone. Light spilleds create an ethereal look that automatically creates a movietic transition. You have control over the size, intensity, and position of these light spilleds, and can look as natural as the sun or as intense as you need them to be. The power of these light transitions is in your control.

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